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Multidisciplinary artist from Estonia working mostly with performance, photography and installation. 
Since 2010 has collaborated with artist group 10 x 10 meters for performance and theatrical projects.
Lecturer at Pallas University of Applied Sciences and teacher at Tartu Childrens’ Art School. 



2007 - 2011 Estonian Academy of Arts (MA, Interdisciplinary Arts)

2009 University of East London (Erasmus exchange program, Fine Art)

2001 - 2006 University of Tartu (BA, Painting)

2001 - 2006 University of Tartu (BA unfinished, Estonian and Fenno-Ugric Linguistics)



2011 Young Artist Prize (for best MA work of Estonian Art Academy Arts departement), by MTÜ Noor Kunst

2008 Eduard Wiiralt scholarship, Estonian Ministry of Culture


2020 - 2022 Residency with 10X10 meters group to curate online zine MAGASIN on contemporary art and dance, Kanuti Gildi SAAL, Tallinn, Estonia

2013 “Global City - Local City” residency program for research project with 10X10 meters group, international theatre festival Baltic Circle




2020 “There was a mirror at the end of the hallway”, solo exhibition in Positiiv gallery, Tallinn, Estonia 

2012 “A Trilogy of darkness I: Falling Asleep”, Percival Space gallery, Oslo, Norway

2011 “Journey to the end of the world”, Loop gallery, streetcar nr 4, Tallinn, Estonia 

2010 “Falling asleep”, City Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia 

2009 “Falling asleep”, Tartu Art House, Tartu, Estonia 



2024 "KOOSKÕLA", curator Mareli Reinhold, Pärnu Museum, Estonia

2024 "THE BODY", curator Annika Haas, Museum of Photography Gallery Seek, Tallinn, Estonia 

2023 “20x20” group exhibition of teachers of Tartu Childrens’ Art School, Jakobi gallery, Tartu, Estonia

2022 “Self reflection”, curator Peeter Talvistu, Valga museum, Valga, Estonia 

2022 “Spirit”, curator Reet Varlane, Univeristy of Tartu museum, Tartu, Estonia 

2019 “Glow of the Black Hole”, Vabaduse gallery, Tallinn, Estonia 

2019 “We did it”, performance with 10X10 meters group, for Made in Estonia Marathon, Kanuti Gildi Saal, Tallinn, Estonia

2018 “OBJECT 8:13”, performance with 10X10 meters group, for NU Performance Festival opening event, Tallinn, Estonia

2018 “WHAT DO YOU SEE? WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE?”, curator Tanel Rander, Valga Museum gallery, Estonia

2017 “Stranger”, performance with 10X10 meters group, TOLM festival, Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (EKKM), Tallinn, Estonia

2014 “Warrior”, performance project with Mai Sööt, Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava, Tallinn, Estonia

2014 “Light matter”, collaborative interactive theatre performance, Tartu New Theatre, Estonia

2014 “Väljasõit rohelisse. Tartu 1860–2014”, curator Peeter Talvistu, Tallinn Art Hall, Estonia

2014 “Shifing Identities”, curator Ludovico Pratesi, MACRO Testaccio, organized by Väino Tanner Foundation, Rome, Italy

2014 “Baltic Gold / Baltiskt guld”, curator Marje Taska, Galleri 21, Malmö, Sweden

2013 “Man Overboard”, research and performance- project with 10X10 meters group, for August Dance Festival, Kanuti Gildi SAAL, Tallinn, Estonia

2012 “Archaeology and the Future of Estonian Art Scenes”, curator Eha Komissarov, with 10X10 meters group, KUMU, Tallinn, Estonia

2012 “Human Forestry”, performance with 10X10 meters group, KIASMA, Helsingi, Finland

2011 “Public Folklore”, curator Søren Grammel, Grazer Kunstverein, Graz, Austria

2011 “Away from Tartu”, ART IST KUKU NU NUT production prize, Y-gallery, Tartu, Estonia

2011 “Acts of Refusal”, curators Ellen Blumenstein and Kathrin Meyer, Tartu Art House, Estonia

2011 “Lets’ Talk about Nationalism! Between ideology and identity”, curator Rael Artel, Labor, Budapest, Hungary

2010 “Exculpation”, curator Eva Labotkin, with 10X10 meters group, apartement show, Tallinn, Estonia

2010 “Birds of a Feather”, Sueli Turner gallery, London, UK

2010 “Let’s talk about nationalism! Between ideology and identity”, KUMU, Tallinn, Estonia

2009 “one15 – Sculpture in the workplace”, One Canada Square, London, UK

2009 “GRaSS’n’aSPHaLt”, Performance art Studies with bbb Johannes Deimling, k-salon, Berlin, Germany

2008 “Dilemmas: artists and the idea of the nation”: Rael Artel Presents new video from Estonia, CEC artsLink, New York City, USA

2008 „Is that the Estonia we wanted?! “, Rael Artel Gallery: non-Profit Project Space, Tartu, Estonia

2007 “Estonian artists of the 21st Century”, curators Anders Härm and Hanno Soans, Tallinn Art Hall, Estonia

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